Clinical Commissioning Group

Bassetlaw Commissioning Organisation – What We Do

We are a member of Bassetlaw CCG, which is a member organisation consisting of 12 practices across Bassetlaw. The CCG is committed to working together to deliver the principles and objectives enshrined in the White Paper “Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS” and its supporting consultation documents.

We want t o ensure that the people of Bassetlaw have equitable access to local, world class and cost-effective health care and well-being services which meet their assessed health needs.

Bassetlaw CCG is a clinically led organisation which commissions health services that are needed by the population of Bassetlaw. In order to achieve this it will:

  • Stay focused on the needs of the local population by remaining independent but collaborating with others wherever it is beneficial to do so.
  • Focus wherever possible on the promotion of good health rather than treating bad health.
  • Measure what it achieves by the outcomes for patients
  • Have robust governance mechanisms which means things are done properly and decisions are made transparently
  • Ensure that all members of BCO including clinical and non-clinical staff are properly recruited and trained for the job they need to do
  • Ensure that excellent two way communication means that views of BCO members, other professionals, patients and the public are taken into consideration in everything we do.
  • Develop a reputation for innovative and effective change.
  • Meet all the legislative and regulatory requirements of a statutory organisation by April 2012.

Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group Website address: